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At Eaton Valley Primary School we do our best to utilise software that is available for all.

This means that wherever possible we try to use Open Source software. Open Source software is available for download on the Internet, free of charge to the General Public.There’s a great range of software out there, from free Operating Systems, like Ubuntu, which have been found to be more secure (free from Viruses and Malware) than Microsoft Windows, to Internet Browsers, like Firefox, which is also touted as being more secure than using Internet Explorer for browsing.

The list of Open Source software that we use in school can be found below:

Open Office This is our Microsoft Office alternative. It has more or less the same functionality of MS Office with the added benefit of being available to all, and for free.

Tux Paint This is a great little digital painting program that is fun to use. Since being installed in our School, it has been used quite considerably.

Tux Maths This is a game which helps with arithmetic skills. We like this as it engages our pupils and has a nice gradual learning curve. It starts off with number recognition (good for the little ones) and goes right up to complex sums that would even stretch an adult’s quick math solving skills. Highly recommended!

Firefox A free alternative Internet browser.

Chrome Another free alternative Internet browser provided by Google.

Ubuntu Perhaps the most popular of the many free Operating Systems that is an alternative to the traditional Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu is based on the Linux Kernel which  is renowned throughout the IT industry as being more secure than Windows against Viruses, malware etc. The majority of the Internet is built on Linux-based servers.

Note: There is a learning curve to using Linux and not everyone is comfortable with using it. However if you have a compatible computer (almost any!) and a bit of time then it can be worthwhile. You can also run Ubuntu straight off a CD without installing it to see if you like it.

Freemind is an application that is available for all OSes (Windows, OS X, Linux) which allows the user to create a visual reference of a project or to jot down all the ideas in a brainstorming session.

Blender is an Open Source 3D modelling software that allows the user to create stunning 3D animations and games.

eBook Portal use this link to access our eBook portal, you can use this as an online library. You can borrow books for up to two weeks, you will need a username and password to access this resource if your child doesn’t have one please contact us.

As part of the ICT usage in Eaton Valley Primary School we utilise a range of software and operating systems. This helps our pupils to experience alternatives to the more commonly used software. We utilise both Open Office, iWork ’09 and Microsoft Office so pupils learn what are called ‘transferrable skills’. This is also the case with the Operating System. Our Pupils utilise both OS X as well as Windows 7 Professional. This gives them the skills to navigate through 2 different Operating environments giving them knowledge and experience in 2 operating systems that are quite different but also used with similar skills.

If you find you need a piece of software to do a particular job, but don’t wish to spend 100’s of £s on it, then search for a free/open source version. Chances are there is one that exists.

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