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School Attendance


At Eaton Valley we know the importance and impact of good attendance and punctuality. Poor attendance (below 95%) or poor punctuality have a direct impact your child’s progress, attainment and well being. Being away from school means that your child will find it hard to catch up with their peers and they will have missed essential learning. Your child will also miss essential learning if they are late, the first 10 minutes of a lesson is when new learning is introduced and is often the most important part of a lesson.

Please make sure that you bring your child to school, on time every day.

At 8:40:

  • The side gates leading to the classrooms are opened and children can go to their classrooms.
  • The lunchboxes are placed on the trolley by the children.
    • The teacher takes the register at 8:50 and shares any news for the day.

The first ten minutes of a lesson are often the most important!

If your child is late:

  • They have to be recorded as late in the school office and collect a late ticket.
  • Walk into the classroom alone and disturb the class.
    They miss the start of a lesson and then have to play catch up with the rest of the class.
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