Our Curriculum Promise

Curriculum offer

Our curriculum has been designed to build pupils’ knowledge and skills through a fully immersed learning journey that is engaging, challenging and fully inclusive to all pupils. To limit cognitive load and to transfer learning into long-term memory, our curriculum uses spaced repetition and retrieval practice.

Our curriculum offer extends beyond the school day and we are proud to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities. The clubs, both at lunchtime and after school, provide pupils with the opportunity to extend their skills and knowledge within a given area, or simply try something different! We know that attending clubs helps to support pupil’s personal development.

Our clubs include; Lunchtime Games Club, Mathletics, Multisport, Dodgeball and Steel Pans.

Our curriculum is for our children and our community at this moment in time. We review our curriculum regularly to ensure it meets the needs of our children.


At Eaton Valley Primary School, by the time children leave us at the end of Year 6, every child will have developed a real thirst for learning through a variety of enrichment opportunities that will support their education and provide cultural capital.