Personal Development


Peer Mediation

At Eaton Valley Primary School, we believe in giving children the opportunity to resolve conflicts peacefully through Peer Mediation.

Peer Mediation is a process where two trained mediators help two other children engaged in a dispute to find their way to an agreeable solution. It is different from Buddying or Mentoring schemes and often operates alongside such initiatives in schools. Mediators are trained to recognise bullying, which they cannot mediate and need to refer to the Mediation Lead.




Peer Mediation ties in well to our approach of Restorative Behaviour where we seek to educate children about the emotions of conflict and help them to find their own methods to resolve any situations they become engaged in.

Children in Year 5 & 6 can apply to become mediators, they then take part in 3 days of training to ensure they have the skills and understanding of the mediation process before being allowed to work with children.


Year 5 & 6 Job Scheme


When children reach Year 5 & 6, they are given the opportunity to apply for job and earn EV Pounds for their work their work. Money saved can be spent during each term or saved until the end of the year. Having a job enables children to take ownership and responsibility whilst learning the skills of patience, dependability and teamwork. The jobs further reinforce our key competencies of; being kind to yourself, each other and the environment, be able to communicate well, embrace challenge, be curious and acquire knowledge.  


Jobs available are:


Responsible for keeping the library tidy and restocking the shelves.

Plant Waterer

 Waters the plants and vegetables 3 times per week



Be responsible for paying workers and recording on their bank card  


Grounds Maintenance  


To keep the school site clean and tidy. 

PA to the Headteacher 

Help the Headteacher to staple certificates, deliver letters and organise paperwork  


PA to the Deputy Headteacher

Help duties and organise paperwork

Play leader 

Escort children from the lunch hall to the playground safely, play games with younger children, make up games, join in and have lots of fun.  

Computer technician  

Deliver ipads & laptops to classrooms, ensure devices are charging

Assembly Monitor 

Set out benches safely for children & chairs for staff,  deliver certificates from the office to assembly

Song Practice Assistant  

Set out benches safely for children and chairs for staff and assist Mrs McGeough by moving the song words along  whilst children sing


Admin Assistant 

Deliver letters to classes and general Office admin duties




Children can access the Eaton Valley Shop at the end of term to spend their EV pounds and are able to purchase

  •  30 mins extra playtime
  •  Non uniform on a day of your choice
  •  30 minutes in Bunnys Wood
  •  30 minutes i-pad time
  •  Reading books
  •  A range of stationary items