Google Classroom - The Basics

Google Classroom is an online learning platform which allows for teachers to organise, manage and assign learning tasks to pupils. It forms part of Google’s G Suite for Education which has begun to see use in primary education due to its suite of remote learning features. It has a user-friendly interface that will assist your child in continuing to learn at home.


Logging in

Google Classroom can be accessed on most modern devices. These include the following:

  • Desktop computer or laptop running Windows 10 – Google Chrome web browser is recommended.
  • Apple iPad or Android tablet – Download the free Google Classroom app from the App Store.

While Google Classroom can be accessed from a smartphone it is not recommended due to the small screen size.


If you are using a desktop computer or laptop to access Google Classroom, visit the following link to login - 

Using an Apple iPad or Android tablet? Open the Google Classroom app and login with the details provided.


If you require your child's username and password, please contact the school office.


Google Classroom

Once logged in, your child will see their class. Select it to enter.


You will see the following options as tabs across the top of the page:



This is where your child will see posts from their class teacher. Posts may contain links to websites or classwork set by your child's teacher. Posts can only be submitted by the class teacher.



This is where your child will acccess curriculum content set by the class teacher. This is the best way of accessing the work set rather than having to worry about searching on the stream. All work will be uploaded by 'topic'. Any curriculum content added will be in the form of a Google Quiz, Google Doc, Google Slide, or other Google Suite app (If you are using a tablet, you may be required to download additional free apps) as this will allow the child to edit and 'hand in' their work to the class teacher.

Work will be added reguarly to the Classwork page and may have a due date for completion. Class Teachers will be able to see your child's progress and support them where necessary and can add comments to the child's work.

If your child is stuck with a piece of work, they can post a comment to the class teacher using the private message function to the right hand side of the assignment screen. Please note that class teachers may be working from home or in school, so please bear with us if your child's message hasn't yet recieved a response. Also, please only use this feature if necessary. Recieving many messages from 30 children on every task is not a manageable workload.


Completing & Submitting Work


Work set on Google Classroom can come in many forms. A few examples can be seen below:


A quiz can be accessed by selecting it on the classwork assignment page (see image below).



After completeing the quiz, your child can submit the work by selecting the 'submit' button (see image below). When the quiz is submitted, this automatically 'hands in' the assignment to the class teacher.

Submitting a Google Doc or Google Slide
To Submit a Google Doc or Google Slide, first select the assignment from the Classwork page.

On the right hand side of the screen there is a 'Add or Create' button, which will allow your child to create a Google Doc or Google Slide (see image below).

Selecting Docs will allow your child to create an online document. It may take a moment to create the document. Once it has been created, select the document so your child can type their answers. Submit the work to the teacher by using the 'Turn in' button at the top of the document (see image below). The process for submitting work this way is very similar for a Google Slide.

Please note, that you may have to select the blinking cursour on the document to bring up the keyboard if using a device with a touchscreen.